The Stretto is a new ground- breaking plain tile which revolutionises clay plain tiling. At an impressive 265mm wide x 370mm long; the Stretto requires only 25 tiles per square metre when laid at its maximum gauge of 150mm. This is a huge reduction in comparison to traditional plain tiles that require 60 tiles per square metre. In addition, the laid gauge of Stretto can be adjusted between 150mm to 140mm to eliminate the need for cut courses at eaves or ridge.


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Technical Info

Quantity per pallet – 228 tiles 

Coverage – 25.2 per m2

Nominal gauge – 140-150mm

Overall length – 370mm

Overall width – 265mm

Minimum headlap – 70mm

Unit weight – 2.8Kg

Weight per m2 – 70.6Kg

Minimum roof pitch – 21°

Batten coverage m2 – 6.66 l/m

Batten sizes – 38 x 25mm rafter centres 450mm 38 x 25mm rafter centres 600mm 

Nail size – 38 x 3.35mm


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