Although the Red is essentially one colour it has subtle shade variations caused by the traditional firing methods. Ideal for vertical tiling or equally pitched roofing if you prefer to let the elements weather your roof naturally.

At Lifestiles we only want you to have the roof you require. This means that you can mix and match your favourite tiles together, to suit your personal taste. The second feature here shows the Orange, Red and Heather handmade tiles pre-mixed together, forming a bespoke mix, this is labelled Chichester. So if you like the concept of mixing tile colours together and have a specific idea please simply contact one of my team and we can make your own bespoke roof, all of which will be pre-mixed at the factory especially for you.

The Lifestiles handmade red clay roof tile is one of the few genuinely handmade clay roof tiles available on the market today. The Lifestiles handmade tile is also known as The Ashbury®, in some areas of the country. The beautiful tile offers individuality in appearance and a blend that recreates the look of yesteryear. Its timeless nature and lasting quality means our handmade range of clay roof tiles are an ideal solution for new build, renovation or restoration projects and our variety of carefully selected blends makes it the perfect choice.

Their manufacture is traditional with each tile being produced by hand. The tile cannot be produced by machinery – the distinctive shades and slight variations of size, camber and texture give the unique appearance so sought after in these days of mass production.

All the handmade roof tiles are produced in a custom built production facility in Poland, which combines traditional manufacturing skills and firing techniques essential to keep the character of a handmade clay tile, with modern drying facilities and temperature control systems vital to maintain the quality necessary for the UK climate. The tiles are tested in our on-site laboratory throughout their production ensuring they meet the rigorous standards required to meet the relevant British and new European standards. The whole procedure is under the EU guidelines and the product is CE marked and has Declaration of performance certification (a requirement of all the leading roofing and building merchants), and factory guarantee for 30 years. All of this information and associated certification is available in the technical area of this website.

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You can use handmade clay plain tiles if the pitch of your roof is between 40˚ and 90˚ and they are fixed in accordance with the British Standard Code of Practice for Slating & Tiling BS 5534: 2014. However, if your roof pitch is lower than 40˚, please contact us with details of your requirements  and it is very possible we can offer a solution to guarantee the use of handmade plain tiles down to pitch as low as 17.5˚.

Our handmade clay plain tiles are used extensively across the UK on refurbishments and new builds alike. Our tiles are widely accepted in Conservation Areas and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and are regularly used on Churches, Historic and Listed Buildings, etc.

Technical info




Minimum roof pitch



Headlap (minimum)



Batten spacing at maximum gauge



Size of tile

265 x 165mm

265 x 165mm

Covering capacity

60.0 tiles per m²

53.0 tiles per m²

Cover width



Weight as laid

82.5 kg per m²

72.9 kg per m²

Battens per m²



Batten size

38 x 25mm

38 x 25mm

Nail size/ type for tiles

38 x 3.35mm alloy clout

38 x 3.35mm alloy clout

Product info

All tiles comply with C E Marking to British and European Standard BS EN 1304, which legislates for externally tested and verified quality of roof tiles. The tiles are independently tested to the following standards by Lucideon (approved by UKAS and the British Standards Institute):

Determination of Impermeability : BSEN 539-1:2005 Method 2 & BSEN 1304:2005

Determination of Flexural Strength : BSEN 538:1994

Determination of Frost Resistance : BSEN 539-2:2013



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