Clay roof tile certification

Clay roof tile certification
July 29, 2019 Lifestiles
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Clay roof tiles

When purchasing clay roof tiles, it is essential to look for CE markings and find out whether the tiles meet BS EN 1304:2013 standards.

Clay Roof Tile Standard: BS EN 1304:2013

A document titled Clay roofing tiles and fittings – Product definitions and specifications document outlines the details of the British Standard BS EN 1304:2013. Handmade clay roof tiles are defined in this as ‘special tiles’. This is because they are allowed some tolerance for inconsistency due to their hand-made nature. The standards cover a range of specifications. These include mechanical resistance, external fire performance, reaction to fire, water permeability, dimensions, and durability. Each specification has either a pass/fail or meet a certain level of standard. Different levels show whether tiles are suitable for use in a specific country or on certain types of roof. As well as the tiles themselves, the document outlines how they should be fitted and the best lining to use.

Check for the CE mark

It is important to check each palette of tiles you are purchasing is CE marked and BS EN 1304:2013 certified. CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. Clay roof tiles that pass these standards have met the requirements to perform their function adequately. However, the BS EN 1304:2013 does not always help with differentiating between an adequate roof tile and a high quality one. Your architect or roofing contractor should be able to advise you accordingly. Alternatively, we have also outlined some ways to test your roof tiles for quality.

Lifestiles’ Tiles

All Lifestiles’ clay roof tiles are British Standard certified and carry the CE mark. We regularly test our tiles to make sure they exceed the standards laid out by the BS EN 1304:2013. Clay roof tiles are a big investment, but our customers know that our tiles are high performing as they are beautiful.  As society increasingly rejects single use products and built-in obsolescence, our clay tiles have always represented excellent value. Properly laid and cared for, they will last a lifetime and beyond…

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